VIDEO: Brazil boss 'Tite' before resigning, explains why Neymar didn’t take a penalty against Croatia in World Cup shootout defeat

The now former Brazil manager Tite has explained why star player Neymar did not take a penalty in their shootout defeat to Croatia at the 2022 World Cup quarter-finals.

At a tense Education City stadium on Friday, Bruno Petkovic’s 117th minute goal levelled the score after Neymar’s stunning, record breaking goal had seemingly won it for the tournament favourites.

As a result, it went to penalties, but Neymar, Brazil’s first-choice taker, did not step up to the spot as Croatia won the shootout 4-2 after Rodrygo and Marquinhos failed to score.

Many assumed that the 30-year-old was planning on taking the fifth, and usually decisive penalty, something Tite confirmed post-match.

‘He is the fifth and decisive penalty taker,’ the 61-year-old said.

‘The player who has more quality and the mentality to step up then is under greatest pressure.’

Neymar cries after the World Cup Qatar 2022 quarter final match between Croatia and Brazil.

The tactic is nothing new to football but often comes under heavy scrutiny when a shootout does not go to sudden death, with World Cup winner Jurgen Klinsmann expressing his frustration on the matter to the BBC.

He said: ‘Nemyar would have been the first one for me. Just set the tone, score the first one and calm everyone else down.

‘Set the tone, don’t keep them for the fifth basically because you might not get the chance to kick.’

Neymar is a prolific and successful penalty taker having scored 74 out of 89 spot-kicks, not including shoot-outs.

Soon after full-time, Tite officially confirmed his departure from the Brazil team, having stated earlier in the year that he would be stepping down after Qatar 2022 regardless of the outcome.

Tite’s six year reign as Brazil boss is over.

‘A painful defeat, but I’m at peace with myself. It’s the end of my cycle,’ he added.

‘I already decided this over a year and a half ago. I’m not a two-faced guy. I wasn’t playing to win and then making drama to stay, anybody who knows me knows that.

‘It was a whole process. Before, it was a recovery process, but now it had a whole sequel.

‘Only time will tell [what my legacy will be]. I’m not in a position to evaluate all the work carried out. Over time, you will make this assessment, I don’t have that ability now after an elimination.

‘The pain, however human, I may have… the emotions are high.’

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