VIDEO: Glazer family reluctantly agreed to £7bn asking price to sell Manchester United

The Glazer family have set an ambitious asking price of £7billion in order to fully part with their ownership of Manchester United.

The Americans announced last month that they were seeking ‘strategtic’ investment in the club, which could be see them sell some shares or relinquish full control of the club.

The Glazers have been in charge for the last 17 years, in which United supporters have continually protested against their ownership.

As recently as last summer the Americans had no intention of selling the club but worsening revenues, the need to invest in a new stadium or renovations to Old Trafford and the £2.5bn sale of Chelsea have persuaded them to change their minds.

United have already seen vast interest from buyers but the Athletic say the Glazers have set a wildly ambitious asking price of £7bn.

That would price the club at nearly three times what Chelsea was sold for and it would not include the need to renovate Old Trafford, which is rumoured to be around £1.5bn.

Apple and Amazon are not in the running, despite rumours to the contrary.

British billionaire Sir Jim Radcliffe is keen on buying the club but he is wary of publicly running.

Radcliffe made a move for Chelsea last summer and attempted to speak to United, only to be told they were not for sale.

Nation States such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia will be keeping a close eye on the sale but supporters are likely to have a problem with the Glazers handing the keys of Old Trafford over to any project seen to be ‘sportswashing’.

United’s share price would be the club’s overall valuation at around £2.8bn but that does not reflect the rare opportunity to acquire a world famous franchise.

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