David Moyes open to returning to Manchester United in the future

West Ham manager David Moyes says he’d be up for returning to a job at Manchester United in the future once he’s retired from management.

This year marks 10 years since Moyes was chosen by Sir Alex Ferguson to take the reins at Old Trafford following the legendary United boss’ retirement.

The former Everton boss was handed a six-year contract but would last just 10 months, getting sacked toward the end of an awful season where United finished seventh in the table and failed to qualify for any European competition.

Moyes recently opened up on his tumultuous time in charge of the Red Devils on Steven Bartlett’s Diary of a CEO podcast, and revealed that he’d be up for working for the club again in a behind the scenes role.

‘I don’t think it’d ever be in a role as manager that’s for sure. My time’s gone,’ the Scotsman said.

‘But I always love to be involved in football and hopefully someone somewhere along the line will want to use my experience when my time’s up being a football manager.

‘Manchester United is a great experience. When you manage United it’s like living in the penthouse and looking out.

‘You’re above everybody and you see the view much better, and for me they were the penthouse.’

Since his sacking in 2014, Moyes went onto have troubled spells at Real Sociedad and Sunderland before enjoying success at West Ham, helping the Irons reach the semi-finals of the Europa League last season.

This campaign isn’t go so well however, as the east London club are battling relegation, with Moyes one of the favourites to become the next Premier League manager to lose his job.

If he does get his marching orders, he’ll hope they break the news to him better than United did, as he hit back at former CEO Ed Woodward for the manner of which he was sacked.

He added: ‘[I found out when the] media phoned me. I lost the game at Everton and the media was saying, “I know you’re losing your job”.

‘They [United] called me in the next day and by this time the whole world had known about it before I got the chance.

‘I always think you have to give bad news well. You’re the boss, you run a really big business like Manchester United.

‘If you’ve got any class or any style, when you’re having to give bad news out, it has to be done in a good way. I felt the way I was told wasn’t done as well as it should’ve been.’

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