Is Oleks Zinchenko Arsenal’s Best signing of the season?

After a disappointing 2021-22 league season, Mikel Arteta was forced to rethink his Arsenal project, which s deemed doomed by the fact that the Gunners blew a clear chance to return to Champions League football after 5 years away.

One of Arteta’s resolutions was to focus not only on signing the promising prospects he has been signing since taking over, but also on signing some experienced players to add some extra quality to his squad.

When it came to acquiring these experienced players, Arteta chose to go after two of Manchester City’s underappreciated stars, Oleksander Zinchenko and Gabriel Jesus, from his former club.

We could spend the entire day discussing how brilliant Jesus has been, so let us instead marvel at how brilliant Zinchenko has been.

Many people did not expect much from Zinchenko’s move to Arsenal because they saw him as a mere left-back; how could a left-back change the dynamics of a team? Fast forward that left-back has been so revolutionary that rival managers are talking about how influential he is.

The Oxford manager Karl Robinson saw his team lose 3-0 to Arsenal in the FA Cup, but instead of moping, he took some time to praise Zinchenko.

“If Zinchenko plays he is far more comfortable coming inside and they are a completely different team,” said Robinson, as per the Telegraph.

“But obviously regardless of who plays they are good. [Zinchenko] is such a good player. They are very good, they are also off-the-cuff.”

I know it’s controversial, but could Zinchenko be the Gunners’ signing of the season so far this season?


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