Patrice Evra’s Premier League predictions, including Man Utd v Man City

Patrice Evra has delivered his Premier League predictions ahead of a mouth-watering set of fixtures that includes both the Manchester and north London derbies.

The action begins on Friday night as Leeds United made the trip to Birmingham to face Aston Villa.

A Manchester derby between United and City at Old Trafford headlines Saturday’s games, with Liverpool also in action against Brighton and relegation-battlers Everton and Southampton meeting at Goodison Park.

On Sunday, in-form Newcastle United host Fulham while Premier League leaders Arsenal visit Tottenham in the second north London derby of the season.

As ever, Betfair ambassador and Manchester United legend Evra has given his predictions for the Premier League fixtures to

Aston Villa v Leeds

‘This will be an interesting game. I believe in Unai Emery. He’s doing a good job there since his arrival and I can see them winning this one at home. Prediction 2-1.’

Man United v Man City

‘We can hurt City, I will never disrespect City, but I think this one is a 50/50 game. Sometimes though, when City start well and develop their football in the game you can tell it’s going to be a long day.

‘City are a really, really strong side and it’s a big test for us. It’s a tough one to predict, Mahrez is on fire for City at the moment. It’s a derby so I’m not expecting a big score.

‘I can see it being 2-1 to United, but equally it wouldn’t be surprising to see City win, it could go either way. It can’t be like the last match, they have to learn from that. Prediction 2-1.’

Wolves v West Ham

‘This is a massive game. David Moyes did a great job with West Ham with what he had, trust me, even last year he did a great job. This year I feel like West Ham are back to the mentality of playing for safety and to stay in the Premier League.

‘They’re in a really tough moment and it’s a big game against Wolves. Wolves are back and you can see their desire to fight and desire to stay in the Premier League. Unfortunately I’m going to go against my old team, and I think Wolves will win this one. Prediction 1-0.’

Nottingham Forest v Leicester

‘This is a game between two teams that are in a bit of a crisis. I understand things with Nottingham Forest and I spoke to Steve Cooper, but the thing is when you bring in so many new players in, you can’t expect to have the best season.

‘They have picked up some good results against Chelsea and Southampton and it looks as though they have that fighting spirit back. Prediction 2-1.’

Brighton v Liverpool

‘I think everybody is a bit disappointed with Liverpool and as a Man United fan it hurts me to say I am disappointed with Liverpool, I should be happy, but I’m not like that.

‘I’m not someone that enjoys the failure of my enemy, Liverpool need to back Klopp. They are struggling. All of a sudden, Liverpool has this constant talk of negativity around Darwin Nunez, people saying he’s not great and he should do this and that, we don’t talk about Liverpool.

‘If you look, people talk more about Nunez and when you have this, it’s always going to affect the team. You’ve got to give the lad a break. It’s his first season, talk about somebody else. What potential he has.

‘When you look at him and how he plays, at his age there aren’t many other strikers that are that clever. The movement he is doing, nobody can teach you that. He will do something incredible but he will miss the goal, I feel sad for him but trust me, the day this kid will understand everything about the Premier League and how to be clinical, people will be scared.

‘We talk a lot about Haaland, Nunez can get to that level, he’s just unfortunate at the moment, but when his luck changes what a player he is going to be. I think this will be a tough game for Liverpool, Brighton are playing well but I think Klopp’s side will have enough in this one. Prediction 1-2.’

Everton v Southampton

‘Lampard says he doesn’t feel the pressure and he’s staying in charge, it seems the owner is behind him. I can see them getting a result in this one, Frank needs a big result. Prediction 1-0.’

Brentford v Bournemouth

‘I really like the identity of Brentford, people say they play long ball or whatever, but they have an identity. I was at their game against Tottenham and they are strong and when they play at home in their stadium they are tough to beat.

‘I loved playing at those kinds of stadiums. Trust me, their team is strong and they know exactly what they are doing. I spoke to Thomas Frank and he is so humble, and you can see that he is strict with his players and when they put the ball in the box they can hurt any team. Prediction 2-0.’

Chelsea v Crystal Palace

‘I think Chelsea will win. People are also disappointed with Chelsea right now, everyone expects more for Chelsea, expects more for Graham Potter. When you look at the Chelsea side, he didn’t sign those players.

‘Let’s be honest, you have to be clear, these aren’t his players. He came and he needs to fix that team, there’s no soul and they aren’t together. I don’t see them as a team, I see them as individual players.

‘Right now they’re not a team, they’re not his players and he has to deal with that. The players need to understand his philosophy of football. He’s a great manager but it’s a tough job. I can see them winning this match though. Prediction 2-1.’

Newcastle v Fulham

‘Apart from the derby, this is the one I’m excited for. I didn’t expect Fulham to be doing so well. I expected Mitrovic to do what he was doing in the Championship and he’s doing that. Newcastle had a big draw against Arsenal, they lost in the FA Cup. I can’t see this being an easy game, but I think Newcastle will win. Prediction 3-2.’

Spurs v Arsenal

‘I remember when Arsenal were going for the top four, they got beat by Newcastle and after that they had a chance to still get there when they played Tottenham.

‘It was an amazing game and they started so well, but they conceded that penalty, which wasn’t a penalty, and after that I saw the Arsenal players giving up. I don’t think this is the same side at all now, this is a side that believes they are going to win the title.

‘If I was Arteta, I’d be telling my side to believe that they are champions. You have to believe that you are going to win the league. Against Tottenham, their enemies, they have to think like that.

‘They should beat Tottenham, I don’t see why they can’t win. It’s a derby, anything can happen, the wrong decision and injustice, but I just don’t see why they can’t win. They have to be careful of Tottenham because Conte and the players are really hurt.

‘It’s going to be a big game but when you look at what’s going on with both sides at the moment you have to give credit to Arsenal. They have to win every game if they want to win the title, and they can.

‘I believe Arsenal can win the title, when I see their fans they are all scared and don’t want me to say it, but the way they are playing, there’s isn’t another team that’s playing better football and being dominant right now. They aren’t afraid and they aren’t kids anymore. Prediction 1-3.’

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