The dangers of Arsenal buying another striker this month

Ever since Gabriel Jesus was cruelly injured at the World Cup, it has seemed certain that Arsenal would be in the market for a new striker in January, especially as many Arsenal fans didn’t have too much confidence that Eddie Nketiah would be good enough to cover until the Brazilian returned.

Even Mikel Arteta hinted this weekend that he still needed another striker with Eddie being the only current option. The Boss told “The problem is we have only one! And to go for that many months til Jesus is back is not easy. But we have to get the most out of the players that we have at the moment and if we can have some reinforcements – great.”

Eddie is doing a fantastic job so far, so surely he can’t play every single game every three days, so it makes sense to have a backup, but the Arsenal legend David Seaman thinks that having another striker could bring its own problems.

“The problem you’ve got is you don’t know how long Gabriel Jesus is going to be out for,” he told talkSPORT. “If that is a shorter-term injury, then no you don’t [need to sign one].

“If it’s longer-term, then you’ve got to think about it because you don’t want Jesus and Nketiah being back at full fitness and then another striker is overload.

“Does that upset either striker? I’m sure it would upset Nketiah if he wasn’t getting game time. It is a difficult one and it all depends on the injury status of Jesus.”

It may seem obvious that any big team involved in Europe, should have three choices as centre-forward, with all the extra games, but who would come to Arsenal knowing that he will be third choice as soon as Jesus returns to action?

It’s a tricky one, but what choice does Arteta have but to get a backup, especially in case Eddie gets an injury as well from being overplayed?

What do you think Arteta should do?

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