How Arsenal has benefited from VAR in the title race

Nowadays, one important part of every title race in England is the VAR decisions, as technology plays a crucial role in matches.

Arsenal and almost every club can say they have been affected by the technology, negatively or positively and a new report has uncovered how Mikel Arteta’s men and other EPL sides have benefited.

The Gunners continue to top the EPL standings and could have had more points if VAR had not incorrectly allowed a goal in their game against Brentford.

That game ended in a draw that most Arsenal fans are still livid about, but their club has had more luck with the tech over Manchester City.

A report on ESPN shows Arsenal has had five VAR decisions go their way in the league this season. This puts them sixth on the table among clubs the tech has helped.

City, on the other hand, has had only one VAR decision go their way as they chase Arsenal.


VAR is a controversial topic and it is fair that we have had decisions go our way, but there are others that have gone against us too.

Clubs do not have to rely on technology to win games and we need to learn from that and do better in matches.

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