ALMOST DONE: Edu now offered chance to sign Arsenal’s next Bergkamp in “unprecedented” £26m maestro

Arsenal’s search for perfection is one that Mikel Arteta and Edu will be striving for with painstaking detail this summer, as they seek a way to bridge the gap between themselves and Manchester City.

Despite what was a fine showing in the Premier League, defying all expectations by even being in a scrap for the title, in the end quality and experience told, as Pep Guardiola takes one great step towards achieving his treble.

Although a move for Xavi Simons might not offer a solution to the latter, he would certainly provide the former in huge quantities, as a technically proficient attacking midfielder with all the talent in the world.

With an already young squad, bringing in the 20-year-old could mark another key addition to bolster their ranks, hoping to mirror the success of another Dutch maestro who made himself a legend in north London.

What’s the latest on Xavi Simons to Arsenal?
According to The Mirror, in what could turn into quite the convoluted transfer saga, the Gunners have been offered the chance to sign the PSV Eindhoven starlet this summer.

Having joined the Dutch club just last summer, leaving Paris Saint-Germain on a free transfer, the French giants retained a £10m buy-back clause that could prove important should sporting director Edu Gaspar seek to make this deal a reality, especially considering the outstanding year Simons has enjoyed in his home country.

However, his desire to leave Paris gives credence to the suggestion that he might be willing to move elsewhere and reject that return, with the price tag likely to increase for other suitors. Reports in Spain have suggested that €30m (£26m) might be enough to force his exit.

How good is Xavi Simons?
Despite enjoying the bulk of his career at Highbury, playing 416 games for the Gunners, Bergkamp too enjoyed a fine bout of form in Holland just as Simons is now.

He would score 121 goals and assist a further 23 in just 238 games for Ajax, before using his mercurial play style to take over English football. This would merit a further 115 goals and 95 assists, as his game shifted to play provider.

Conversely, Simons was a product of Barcelona’s infamous La Masia academy, and in the league this season has scored 16 goals and assisted a further nine, having shone all across the front line but predominantly behind the striker.

Whilst his figures alone are remarkable, it is the grace with which he swans about the field that truly draws comparisons to the legendary 54-year-old who was such an integral figure in various successes at Arsenal.

PSV manager Ruud van Nistelrooy has had his eye caught by Simons, as his performances encouraged him to claim:

“His mentality, his mindset, it’s unprecedented. It’s a boy of only 19 years old, but Xavi is already much further advanced than his age.”

Meanwhile, former Tottenham Hotspur maestro Rafael Van der Vaart would supplement this by noting:

“Very few players can do this: in such a small space: accept, turn and shoot the ball on the bar.”

This close control in particular draws him ever closer to Bergkamp, who was renowned for his deft touch; best emphasised through his iconic goal against Newcastle United.

Receiving the ball with his back to goal, it only took one touch around the defender for him to spin the opposite way, gliding through and finishing with ease. It is a strike that has since been voted the best Premier League goal of all time, and it perfectly encapsulates everything that made fans fall in love with the Dutch magician.

Simons seems to have all the raw assets to mimic such a success, and given the exciting environment surrounding the Emirates at the moment, there is no better time for him to join the revolution.

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