Mikel Arteta named one thing that cost Arsenal the EPL Title this season

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta concedes a lack of depth cost them this season.

Manchester City were confirmed champions after Arsenal’s defeat at Nottingham Forest.

Arteta said: “Really sad day. A lot of difficult emotions. We lost the game and we lost the championship after 10 and a half months fighting for it and nine and a half months almost on top. We built a lot of enthusiasm and belief that we could go all the way and win it. At the end we fell short First of all, congratulations Man City. They are the champions and they deserve to be champions. They’ve done it for 38 games. We haven’t been able to do that. That’s it. From my side apologise because we have generated that belief that we could do it and at the end the team couldn’t do it. That’s my responsibility.

“Today it’s just sadness. You see people who have put so much work, so much belief, so many hours and I’m sad. I’m sad for them because we wanted to find a way and squeeze everything we had from that group and find alternatives to reach certain levels and if we don’t reach those certain levels then try to reach them in other ways. We fell short. This is my job, my responsibility. I have to analyse that and think.

“Today we should have played much better. We gave them a goal and we gave them another chance to score another goal if they wanted it and we fell short to break them down. When you come to April and May you need 24 players there, available, fit, playing at their best and ready to go. For many reasons, we haven’t had that. Then there are key moments in the league. Key moments that define. The momentum doesn’t go there and we didn’t have those margins going on our side. I think that’s the reason that we lost it.”

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