MUST READ: How Arteta transformed Arsenal Young Team

Mikel Arteta took over as the manager of Arsenal Football Club in December 2019, and since then, he has implemented several changes to transform the team. Here are some key aspects of Arteta’s Arsenal transformation:

1. Tactical Discipline: Arteta has focused on instilling a strong sense of tactical discipline within the team. He emphasizes a structured and organized playing style, with an emphasis on defensive solidity and compactness. The team has shown improvement in their defensive organization and has become more difficult to break down.

2. Emphasis on Fitness and Conditioning: Arteta has put a strong emphasis on fitness and conditioning, demanding high intensity and hard work from his players. This has been evident in Arsenal’s pressing and counter-pressing game, as well as their ability to maintain a high tempo throughout matches.

3. Youth Development: Arteta has given opportunities to several young players from Arsenal’s academy. He has shown faith in the likes of Bukayo Saka, Emile Smith Rowe, and Gabriel Martinelli, giving them regular playing time and allowing them to develop their skills at the highest level. This emphasis on youth development has injected energy and enthusiasm into the team.

4. Defensive Improvement: One of the notable changes under Arteta has been the team’s defensive improvement. Arsenal has become more resilient at the back, with a greater emphasis on pressing and regaining possession quickly. The team has shown a better understanding of defensive positioning and has reduced the number of defensive errors.

5. Tactical Flexibility: Arteta has demonstrated a willingness to adapt his tactics based on the opposition. Arsenal has employed different formations and game plans depending on the opponent, showing tactical flexibility and versatility in their approach.

6. Cultural Shift: Arteta has worked on changing the culture within the club, demanding professionalism and commitment from the players. He has emphasized the importance of unity and a strong team spirit, fostering a positive atmosphere within the squad.

While Arteta’s tenure has had its ups and downs, there have been notable signs of progress in Arsenal’s transformation under his leadership. The team won the FA Cup and the Community Shield in the 2019-2020 season, showing that they can compete and win against top opposition. However, it is important to note that the success of any transformation takes time, and Arsenal’s progress under Arteta is still a work in progress.

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