Artistes You Should Watch Out For In 2024 – No.7 Is Here To Stay

As we dive headfirst into the new year, the music landscape is set to evolve with the emergence of fresh and exciting talents.
These artists are poised to make waves and leave an indelible mark on the industry in 2024.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the rising stars who should be on your radar.

1. TML Vibez

TML Vibez signed under Seyi Vibez’s record label “Vibez Incorporation“, with his infectious energy and genre-blending sounds, is ready to take the music scene by storm.

After TML Vibez’s debut project titled “Timileyin EP” dropped, he sprouted up the chart with his single titled “Goated” featuring his boss, Seyi Vibez.

Keep an ear out for his upcoming releases as they promise to deliver a sonic experience like no other.

2. Qing Madi

Qing Madi is an artist who defies categorization. With a distinctive voice and a knack for crafting soul-stirring lyrics, Qing Madi’s music transcends genres.

The artist’s ability to blend various influences into a cohesive sound is a testament to their creativity and versatility.

Have you listened to her “Ole“ song with Buju BNXN? you should listen to it

Expect the unexpected from Qing Madi in 2024.

3. Zerry DL

Zerry DL is a name that is steadily gaining recognition in the music industry. Hailing from Benin City, this rising star brings a fresh perspective to the rap game.

Zerry DL is signed under his Brother, Shallipopi’s Plutomania Record label, and he has released a debut project under the label titled “Danger Zee”

Zerry DL’s lyricism, combined with captivating beats, creates a compelling listening experience. Watch out for Zerry DL’s growth and evolution as an artist in the coming year.

4. Rybeena

Rybeena, the enigmatic artist with magnetic street lyrics, is set to captivate audiences in 2024.

With a voice that effortlessly glides through genres and a persona that exudes authenticity, Rybeena is on the road to something big.

With his trending ID.Me song, and expected Remix with Olamide in 2024 – We expect an upward trajectory in Rybeena’s growth.

5. Gdzilla

Gdzilla, a name that resonates with power and creativity, is an artist to keep on your radar.

Gdzilla is signed to DPrince‘s Jonzing Record label, which means he’s a brother to Rema and Ruger

Hailing from the underground scene, Gdzilla’s raw and unapologetic approach to music sets them apart.

Checkout Gdzilla debut project – HERE

The artist’s commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging norms makes Gdzilla a force to be reckoned with in 2024.

6. MK

MK Watcha is a name you should watch out for, as he’s about to sprout up unexpectedly after doing his underground work efficiently.

MK also doubled as a Producer and has worked with some big gun artists in the Industry like Nasty C, Odumodublvck, Falz, and many more.

MK’s transition to becoming an artiste should be studied, and his relatable lyrics and infectious beat set him apart.

Expect the unexpected from MK in 2024.

7. Bhadman Niko

Bhadman Niko brings a fresh perspective to the music scene, infusing trap, and Afrobeat influences into a signature style.

This artist is making waves with infectious beats and unapologetic lyrics. Bhadboi Niko’s authenticity and bold sound are sure to make a lasting impression in the coming year.

8. Youngi Duu

Youngi Duu is a rising star in the Afro-Wahala world, and he is set to leave an indelible mark in 2024.

With a magnetic social media presence and cruise that demands attention, Youngi Duu is an artist on the rise.

Stay tuned for the artist’s upcoming projects as they continue to carve their path in the competitive music industry.

9. YKB

YKB, a multifaceted artist with a unique blend of Afrobeat and contemporary sounds, is ready to make waves in 2024.

Keep an eye on YKB as he navigates the ever-changing landscape of the music industry.


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