ALMOST DONE: £70m Midfield Maestro Set to Sign for Arsenal - 'I want Arsenal'

Moises Caicedo: The Jewel in Brighton’s Crown Coveted by Arsenal
Arsenal’s £70m Bid, Brighton’s Refusal

Last summer, at the heart of transfer speculation, Arsenal placed a hefty £70m bid for 21-year-old Moises Caicedo, the Albion standout who’s been causing ripples in the football world. But Brighton remained unyielding, opting to hold on to their Ecuadorian gem, even going as far as to extend Caicedo’s contract, under improved conditions, until June 2027.

Despite Brighton’s firm stand, Caicedo’s future has remained a hot topic as the summer window looms. The young star himself expressed a desire to move on to greener pastures. In an industry where player ambition often dictates the course, this has resulted in links to a slew of high-profile clubs. Among them are Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Man City, and even Spanish giants Real Madrid.

Sierra’s Insight: Arsenal and Beyond

Caicedo’s agent, Manuel Sierra, shed some light on the situation in a recent conversation with “Arsenal is a great team for everyone; let’s see what happens in the summer, there are many clubs keen on Moises,” he said. Sierra’s words suggest a potentially exciting and eventful summer for the young midfielder.

“Moises has four years left on his contract. He’s having an incredible season, so it’s normal that there are many clubs interested in him,” he continued. Sierra emphasised that Caicedo is currently focused on the remainder of the season, with any serious evaluation to be postponed until the summer.

Caicedo: The Premier League Prodigy

Despite his young age, Sierra is confident in Caicedo’s ability to fit into any team. With his dream of playing in the Champions League and reaching the pinnacle of football, the possibilities are endless. Sierra stated, “There aren’t many other midfielders so young and talented around Europe. I believe he can really improve in every aspect of the game. He can slot into any [team] as he is ready for it all.”

Brighton, currently seventh under the guidance of Roberto De Zerbi, are still within reach of a European spot. As the season draws to a close, they face a crucial match against title-chasing Arsenal. This Sunday, Caicedo and Brighton are set to enter the Gunners’ den for what could be one of their most important matches this season.

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